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What Really Sets Apart Successful Weight Loss “Maintainers” From “Relapsers”

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A study done in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition took 108 women in three different categories:

– Women who maintained their weight loss after formerly being obese

– Women who had always maintained the same, non-obese weight

– Obese women who lost weight but regained it all back

Here were the differences between the successful maintainers (who maintained their new weight), compared to the “relapsers” (who regained the weight back).

– 1. Confronted problems directly: Relapsers (10%), Maintainers (95%)

– 2. Used social support: Relapsers (38%), Maintainers (80%)

– 3. Conscious of behavior (e.g. eating emotionally)

– Relapsers: 70% ate unconsciously in response to emotions

– Maintainers: Only 20% ate unconsciously in response to something

4. Relapsers also didn’t have many personal strategies for dealing with their own unique situations. Maintainers did.

5. Exercised: Relapsers (34%), Maintainers (90%)

Look at two of those markers of success. Confronted problems directly. Conscious of behavior. What I find really interesting is that these are psychological tools! These have nothing to do with eating less and moving more. “Confronted problems directly meant that these people told the truth. “Something is wrong with my life, and I need to change. What do I need to do differently?” That’s it. Okay, I’m gaining weight and feel like crap. What needs to happen? The other group (the relapsers) either went into denial, ignored it, continued to eat emotionally, or did what most of us do: nothing. Psychology. The mind. The Story. See how powerful it is?

Are you having some emotions or behaviors related to your weight loss?

Do you find yourself eating because of bad emotions?, sadness?, boredom?, etc…?

Comment below and let me know your challenges.

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