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Dreaming Big…. What’s The Point?

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In my coaching approach, I  often talk about getting your hands Dirty and Digging deeper within yourself to find the core of who you are and what you want in life.

I hope you took the time to dig a little deeper inside yourself these past couple weeks and find some resources for personal growth.

When we dig deep and do the work on our inner strength and mental clarity, it’s close to impossible NOT to begin dreaming bigger.

When we become more confident in who we are and what we want in our lives, our ambition and excitement can’t be contained.

We begin to dream bigger than we ever have and we actually start making moves in our lives that lead us in the direction of our dreams.

What’s The Point of DREAMING?

I believe there is no motivation to better our lives or ourselves without dreaming.

If you don’t care about personal development, don’t care about becoming a better human being, don’t care about your future…you haven’t begun to dream.

No Struggle is Worth the Fight Without Reward Gary V. talks about his philosophy on Clouds and Dirt. Dirt is doing the day-to-day work, grinding it out, committing to the agenda that will move you towards success. Clouds is being high above the situation, envisioning growth and massive success, it inspires us to keep working hard.

It’s the same thing when it comes to personal growth. We have to do the dirty work, the day-to-day improvements on ourselves. But we also have to step above where we are and see our lives for something greater. If we don’t dream, what’s the motivation to work hard and better our lives? What is all the work on self, helping us to achieve?

So ask yourself, “am I dreaming bigger for myself and my life”?
“What is motivating me to invest in my personal growth”?



Are you ready to start Dreaming? 

Take a quick minute to write down one of your Big Dreams.

I really want you to write what comes to your mind first! Who cares if it’s super huge and you’d be embarrassed to show your friends. Write down what came to your mind first thing, no matter what it is. This is just for you!!

If you haven’t thought about this in a while or don’t have anything jumping out of your thoughts at this moment. Write down 1 area of your life where you would Love to grow. This could be related to family, relationships, finances, career, spirituality or health?

Where do you think you should be dreaming bigger for yourself?

Bring Back Your Brave Inner Child 

We are all born with unique talents and gifts. We tend to use them and express them so much more when we are young and naive to the rest of the world.

Why is it that when we start to understand the world more and experience the complications of life, we become more and more afraid of expressing our talents and pursuing our dreams?

Are You Under a Rain Cloud?

We tend to let negative experiences or people sit on our spirit like a big old rain cloud sometimes.

Am I right?

Sometimes we allow that rain cloud to soak us with fear and self-doubt.  And literally, all we have to do is walk out from under the cloud and decide that we want sun instead!

We know the sun is there, we know it feels better, we know we deserve it and we know we can have it. It’s shining right next to us! We make the choice.

So today, it’s time to choose!

Dream, Aim and Shoot!

Remember I said that a dream without action is just a stranded idea.

That’s because without action we never reach our dreams.

Now that you might be open to this idea of dreaming bigger for your life, let’s take some time to aim and shoot towards that dream.

Start With Goals Within Reach

It’s great to have that big kahuna dream that might take a lifetime to achieve.

But we should also set some goals that both stretch us and are in closer reach. These goals will help us get out of the comfort zone and closer to that big kahuna dream.

“The 90-Day Wonder”

It’s time to take that first step and start with a 90-Day Wonder. This is something my very first mentor taught me.

It’s powerful because it’s not overwhelming. I’m not going to ask you to write down your biggest dreams in life. Instead, I want you to look at the next 90 days of your life and define what you hope to achieve.

Focus on one area of your life in particular such as health, relationships or career, whatever feels most important to you.

Begin in Reflection:

1. What have you accomplished in the last 90 days to become healthier, improve your relationships or advance your career?

Take a moment to reflect on your progress or accomplishments over the past 3 months.

Most people hardly ever reflect on their accomplishments or progress that often. We go for an entire year and realize we didn’t even accomplish what they set out for last New Years. It’s so critical to self-evaluate ourselves regularly in order to reach our goals. Because after 90 days when we reflect again, we’ll know if we’ve been growing or just standing still.

Acknowledge the Obstacles: 

2: What are your present challenges, obstacles, and issues right now that are holding you back from feeling your best, having a more meaningful relationship or thriving in your career?

Brainstorming our struggles or frustrations helps us become more aware of what might be holding us back.

We can’t face our challenges if we don’t know what they are, right? Don’t skip this part because this is the part you’ll need to work on. This is the part that must be tackled when it’s time to aim and shoot at our goals and dreams.

Set The Intention:

3. What are your health, relationship or career goals for the next 90 Days?

Set a goal to start dreaming. This should be tangible in 90 days so that you can stick with it and achieve it. Here is the time to make changes that you know need to be made. It’s the time to get out of the comfort zone in order to grow because life doesn’t progress in the comfort zone.

Just think about your life right now. Think about the dreams and aspirations you have. Think about what you might have achieved if you had been setting new goals and accomplishing them every 90 days over the past 3 years.

It’s never too late to start living the life you always dreamed about but it has to start with ACTION!

Commit to this 90-Day Wonder for an entire year and see where it takes your life.


  1. Write down your biggest dreams and allow your brave inner child to come out.
  2. Start your first 90-day Wonder by reflecting on the past 90 days, writing down obstacles and setting new tangible goals. 
  3. Download my FREE Smart Steps Planner to continue investing in your personal growth and fueling your motivation to fight for your dreams. 

“We cannot choose our potential but we can choose to fulfill it”. –Anonymous


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