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No Clue Where To Start To Lose Weight And Get Healthy Again? Use The “Golden Trifecta” Technique

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I recently had a conversation with a friend who told me he was so overwhelmed wondering what health changes he should make.

He was so overwhelmed with all the stuff he could do, that he did what most of us do when we get confused and overwhelmed – nothing.

Despite the overwhelm, there are three habits in three different categories I think everyone should cultivate – and if you just spend a few minutes each day on these, I guarantee you’ll see amazing results.

Introducing The 3 Daily Habits of “The Golden Trifecta”

These three principles I call the “golden trifecta” because I guarantee that if you pick one tiny habit in every one of these, you’ll see dramatic changes in your health and your body.

They aren’t magical at all, but they produce a 1 + 1 = 3 synergistic effect.

In other words, even if you pick a TINY habit in each one of these spheres, the very act of combining all three results in something incredible.

So If You’re Ridiculously Overwhelmed… Here Are 3 Proven Habits (That Get You Results)

the golden trifecta - what to do when you don't know what to do to lose weight

Here’s a super simple golden trifecta:

Nutritional habit – have 30g protein with each meal.

Why protein?

It helps stabilize your blood sugar, keeps cravings at bay, and even if you’re eating out you can find a way to eat 30g of protein.

If you go out to a place for lunch, they can add extra chicken for you.

Or you can get fish (like salmon) that’s already insanely high in protein and good fats. In other words, it’s easy to do pretty much no matter where you eat.

Exercise habit – walk 10 minutes per day.

First… walking is awesome because anyone can do it, unless you’re in a wheelchair.

Second, anyone can do it anywhere.

And anyone can do it pretty much any time of the day, whether you’re in a big city or on a tropical beach.

It’s also easy. It doesn’t psychologically feel like you’re going to do a grueling p90x workout. It’s so much easier than that so it’s much harder to talk yourself out of.

“I’m just going for a brisk walk.”

Accountability habit – do a nightly 60 second review.

What did you do today to get one step closer to the health and the body you want? Write down what you did today.

Just by doing that, you are going to force yourself to think about what you actually did.

And subconsciously, you are going to prime yourself with a “health consciousness” – where you’ll make more smart health choices without ever thinking about it.

That’s the magical “homer simpson effect.” Once you subconsciously become more aware of health, you find yourself showing up at the coffee shop and magically avoiding the donuts without realizing why or how.

It’ll also remind you of any mistakes you made, e.g. if you didn’t take your walk because you were too tired in the morning.

It also might remind you that the morning is a terrible (or a great) time to do whatever habit you set for yourself.

All three of these habits produce almost miraculous results when they’re done consistently, and they’re easy.

Your Tiny Habit For Today

So if you’re looking for something to really kick-start your health and weight loss, follow this golden trifecta.

What other simple habits would you add to this list?

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