Here are 2 Principals To Help You Lose Your Next 10, 20
or 30 Pounds & Keep It Off Long Years After (Even If
Motivation & Willpower Are Not Always There).

My FREE guide will show you how the psychology of Narrative and
Habits can make you lose those 20 or 30 pounds and claim
your dream body even if you're a busy professional.


Hello Amine, I’ve started following your advice each day since about 6 weeks now and I’ve lost 10 pounds. The amazing thing is that it really transfers to other aspects of life too and that’s a hige bonus. Once again, tones of thank for your great work and advice.” – Brian - Australia.

January 10, 2017

Have You Read My New Book Yet?

Read about this and more in my book Think Yourself To Permanent Weight Loss. You’ll learn the principals of positive mindset and success habits I discovered interviewing people that lost 80 pounds+ and kept it off in a healthy way andhow you can apply these same habitson your daily basis by doing simple tiny tweaks.

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