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The Most Overlooked “Secret” to Health & Weight Loss Success in The World

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There is one lesser-known secret that the healthiest 1% know.

What if told you that the “secret” to succeeding at attaining the perfect health, wellness, and body you want is more simple than you could ever believe?

Actually – it is.

But, there’s a catch.

The top 1% don’t spend their time chasing shiny objects, new diets, or following fads. In fact, they NEVER do.

… And that’s exactly why they attain their goals.

Because rather than focusing on shiny objects and acquiring more information, they understand something known as the compound effect.

Once you understand this, it’ll forever transform your life – your health, your happiness, your wealth, your relationships, and lots more.

Below, is a brief introduction to this concept through and how you can use it to transform your health.

The Compound Effect is a famous book written by Darren Hardy. In the book he talks about the small things you can do everyday that at the moment may seem worthless, but when done day in and day out, can add up to be something great. A quick example would be coffee. Let’s say you buy a $4 coffee 4 times per week. At the end of the year you have spent $832

that year in coffee. The reverse of that would be only buying $4 coffee 1x/week and only saving $624 every year. Obviously this Compound Effect can work in many areas, and even more obviously we are going to talk about how it can change your life physically.

Do you have cheat days. Yes, not day, but dayS (with a capital s). Let’s say you want to lose weight, but you have “only 1” soda per day and only on the weekdays (260 days a year). Being nice, let’s say the soda is only 80 calories. At the moment, 80 calories doesn’t seem like a lot, but by the end of the year you have consumed 80 calories x 260 days which equals 20,800 calories. Divide that by 3500 (calories to make a pound) and you have gained 5.9 lbs that year. Ok so 5.9lbs, big deal. Well, here comes the compound effect. 5 years later, that is 29.7lbs! Remember that guy/girl from college that was always so thin but always drank soda, the compound effect will eventually sneak up. Will the compound effect make you reconsider the true effects of snaking???

Now let’s look at it from a positive angle. Let’s say you decide to go walk or run 3 days a week and  you burn, on a low end, 150 calories each time. By the end of the year you have burned 23,400 calories or in other words you have lost 6.6 lbs. Yeah, not a lot in a year, but if you continue to do this over 5 years, you’ve lost 33lbs! 10 year that’s 66lbs…And maybe you even bump up the intensity as you get in better shape, who knows what kind of weight you can lose in an even shorter amount of time.

The problem with the compound effect is that it goes against the way most of us live. We want RIGHT NOW. The Instant gratification (which is preventing us from getting a lot done). We want the magic pill. This has taken over our lives and it needs to stop. If you want something, it is going to take time, and effort repeated over and over again for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or even 10 years! Stop thinking you deserve it right this instant. You don’t. If you want it, you must put in the work day in and day out. (ask real successful people and see and hear what they tell you)

What can you add or subtract from your life that would create a significant change in your life? I bet there is something, whether it is saving money, taking a certain food out of your diet or adding an extra day of working out to your routine. Try it out, but don’t expect overnight results. The compound effect is real and could change your life!

So what 5 minute habit do you think you could start doing TODAY in order to get on that compound trajectory?

What’s something you already know you should be doing… but just aren’t doing?

What’s one TINY habit you could create, that you know will produce massive returns over the coming weeks and months?

Tell me below.

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